Fine Foods

HUTCH Fine Foods offers full-flavored, pre-packaged Southern-inspired meals, prepared ahead of time, to enjoy within minutes after pick-up or delivery!


The Story of HUTCH Fine Foods

HUTCH Fine Foods specializes in creating full-flavored Southern food, using quality, local ingredients.  The past few years were dedicated to fulfilling a life long dream of owning Hutch bar & kitchen, where we perfected signature dishes such as shrimp n' grits, hunter's gumbo, ham n' cheese grit croquettes, and more!  Whether you’re looking to pick up a hearty meal after work, plan an event or simply refresh your menu, reach out today.



HUTCH'S Gumbo Shack

our gumbo is full-flavored and offers a ton of depth & complexity with every spoonful!
choose a 'classic' one week, then move on to the more adventurous 'hunter's' the following week, or give the 'z'herbes' a shot if you feel like goin' the vegetarian route...all three will surely satisfy anyone looking for a hearty, comforting bowl of gumbo!



2400 Monarch St, Alameda, CA. 94501

(510) 239-4667


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